Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens 1445 Millcoe Road, Jacksonville, FL 32225  

Visit The Arboretum


Street Address

1445 Millcoe Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32225.

NOTE: You must use Monument Road to access Millcoe Road and the Arboretum. The Merrill Road end of Millcoe Road is permanently closed.

Suggested Donation

$3 non-member visitor donation requested to help pay operations.

Map to Location

Trail maps are located on our Trails page.

Driving Instructions/Street Map

From Regency Area

  1. Travel east on Monument Road from Regency area.
  2. Pass under I-295.
  3. Take a left on Millcoe Road.
  4. Turn right into the Arboretum parking area.

From I-295

  1. Exit east on Monument Road
  2. Take a left on Millcoe Road.
  3. Turn right into the Arboretum parking area.

From East Arlington

  1. Travel west on Monument Road toward Regency.
  2. Take a right on Millcoe Road before the I-295 overpass.
  3. Turn right into the Arboretum parking area.

Days and Hours of Operation

Open to the public 7 days a week from 8 AM to 5 PM. NOTE THAT EXTENDED HOURS END SEPTEMBER 6 (Tuesday and Thursday open summer hours until 7:00 PM). Entry gates are locked promptly at closing so plan your visit so that you exit the Arboretum prior to closing. NOTE: The Arboretum, or certain facilities within the Arboretum, may be closed from time to time for special events.


A handicapped accessible unisex restroom and water fountain are located at the parking area.

ADA – For accommodation please contact info@jacksonvillearboretum.org.

A handicap-accessible unisex restroom and water fountain are located at the entry next to the parking area. Paved walkways at the entry are handicap-accessable. There is also handicap-assessable access to the pavilion shelter from the Lake Loop at the east end of Lake Ray. Information signs concerning the grades and slopes for the Lake Loop are posted near the entry. Currently no named trails are fully handicap-accessable.

Picnics are welcomed! There are five picnic tables located on a paved section of the Lake Lope trail near the parking area. There is currently no shelter. Benches are located on each of the trails.

Conditions of Use Rules of Conduct

Visitors must exhibit appropriate behavior. This includes following city, state and federal laws, as well as Arboretum rules. Encouraging safe, responsible behavior is everyone’s business. Report non-emergency situations to JSO at 630-0500. Report emergencies and immediate safety threats to 911.

  • We are not a city park. The Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens is privately managed by a 501c3 non- profit organization. Please respect our sovereignty and our rules. Visitors who do not comply with these rules will be asked to leave.
  • Shirts, shoes, and attire appropriate for the woods and natural areas are required.
  • The Arboretum is not an area suitable for UNACCOMPANIED MINORS. For their safety persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (at a rate of one adult per three minors) at all times.
  • Respect other visitors and our facilities. Do not act in a manner that creates a nuisance for other visitors. This includes the use of abusive or foul language, engaging in inappropriate displays of affection, playing of loud music, defacing trails, bridges, or other features. Because of the potential danger to our gardens and plants no football, baseball, soccer, Frisbee, or similar sports are allowed at the Arboretum.
  • Visitors and dogs must stay on designated trails and out of waterbodies. Watch for roots and obstacles when walking. The Arboretum is a natural area and home to some dangerous, venomous, and poisonous plants and animals. Treat our plants and wildlife with caution and respect. Do not introduce or remove any animals, plants or plant parts, or artifacts.
  • FISHING IS NOT PERMITTED. No collecting or feeding of fish, birds, gopher tortoises, alligators or any other wildlife is permitted. Do not touch or attempt to lure animals closer to humans for any reason. If an animal appears to be injured or in danger contact info@jacksonvillearboretum.org.
  • Dogs are not allowed within the gated areas of the Rosemary Scrub Vista. Dogs are allowed on other trails but must be kept on leashes that do not exceed 8 feet (City Ordinance 462.102). Dogs are not allowed off trail, or in water bodies. Visitors are expected to clean up after their pets.
  • No bicycles, scooters, or other vehicles except those used by visitors with mobility impairments are permitted on our trails. Bicycle racks are provided for your convenience.
  • No smoking, fires, or fireworks. This includes cigarettes, e-cigs, cigars, cooking fires, grills and other flammable or incendiary devices. Use of our fire pit is not allowed except during special events approved by management.
  • Private parties, events, weddings, and organized social functions are not allowed without prior approval and may require a site rental contract. To request approval please contact info@jacksonvillearboretum.org. We will review your request to decide if any fee, deposits, special event insurance, or other charges are required.
  • Professional photography sessions are not allowed without a permit. Visit info@jacksonvillearboretum.org to obtain a permit. No props can be used for personal or professional photography. No area of the Arboretum can be blocked to other visitors for photographic purposes.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted except during special events approved by management.
    Thank you for you cooperation and enjoy your visit.

Photo Policy


No fee or reservation is required for taking personal photographs and videos nor those taken as part of photography classes, clubs and groups. Reservations and fees will be required for professional photographers. Guidelines for each category are noted below. Photography should not interfere with the enjoyment of other guests and should not create any safety concerns. Please stay on paths or designated visitor areas to avoid damage to plants. No photographs of identifiable people may be taken nor shared with others without the written consent of each person photographed.

Personal photographs and videos

Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens encourages visitors to take casual photographs and videos of their visit for their own personal use and to share these with others on our Facebook page and Instagram. Personal photographs and videos should not be used for commercial purposes.

Photography & Video Classes, Clubs or Groups

Photography classes, clubs and groups are welcome to take photographs but are asked to notify the Arboretum prior to scheduled meeting date and time to be sure there are no conflicts with other events that may limit such activities. Photographs and videos taken during these sessions should not be used for commercial purposes. Contact us at info@jacksonvillearboretum.org and note “photography” in the subject line.

Professional Photographers

For photographs and videos taken for commercial purposes, a reservation and fee is required. For the purposes of this policy, a professional photographer is defined as someone who is being paid to take photographs on the Arboretum property. This includes portrait photography sessions such as engagement, wedding and family groups, reunions, and corporate functions.

There are two payment options:

1. For one-time or occasional photography sessions at the Arboretum, the fees per session are:
$ 60.00 for 2 hour session with up to 10 plus photographer
Additional hours at $ 30.00 per hour in 1-hour increments only
Full day (9 hours) at $ 250.00

2. Annual permit – unlimited number of sessions, maximum number per session is 10 plus photographer
$ 500.00 per year
Must make reservations in advance

Photographers must wear badge provided by JAG when photographing or filming. The Arboretum requires the location credit Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens, Jacksonville, FL in all commercial uses of images taken in the Arboretum. All sessions should be scheduled during the Arboretum’s normal operating hours of 8–5. After hours sessions must be pre-approved by JAG and will incur additional fees. The Arboretum may deny, at its sole discretion, any request. For more information and to download reservation form, go to our Site Rentals page.

For clients renting the property for a special event, such as a wedding or family reunion, there is no additional charge for the Client’s professional photographer.
For commercial photography and filming with crews, please contact info@jacksonvillearboretum.orgwith specifics on proposed session and our rental coordinator will contact you to discuss fees and guidelines.

For complete details and application please download this copy of our Photo Policy (.pdf).